Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet the Yaks

Vorenus and his girls have now been with us for a week, and Pullo and his girls will be a week tomorrow. Adam has been working very hard to earn their trust and make sure that they are comfortable around him. This sometimes includes sitting for hours discussing the dinner plans, the books he's reading, work and any interesting tidbits from the news so that they can get used to his smell and the sound of his voice. As a result, our yaks are very well versed in life outside the barn. Yesterday he was able to take some pictures of them without spooking them, so without further ado, meet (some of) the yaks:

This is Vorenus. He is our largest bull, around 800 pounds. He's also our gentleman. Given his agitated arrival to the farm (unloading him from the trailer was reminiscent of a scene from Jurrasic Park), we expected that he would give us the most problems. However, he's proved to be the first to calm down and the easiest to get settled. He's now gotten to the point where he will walk right up to the window where Adam is working and let Adam open the door and walk into his part of the barn.

This is Octavia, one of Vorenus's girls. Both girls are still somewhat shy, and Vorenus is still protecting them, so we haven't gotten to learn their personalities as much.

This is Niobe, also one of Vorenus's girls.

Pullo. Pullo is our teenage boy. He's full of hot air, piss and vinegar. We were told that at the farm he came from, he was used to running with a "bachelor herd" of young males his own age, who pretty much did what all young boys do, hung out in the woods and tried to impress each other. As a result, he carries himself with the swagger of a boy full of hormones, but he has all the nervousness of a boy trying to look impressive without his friends to back him up. I think Pullo is not used to being the only male around and really has no clue what he's doing, but is trying to look mean and scary while he's doing it. We anticipate Pullo's attitude will change drastically once he meets Vorenus.

We don't have great pictures yet of Pullo's girls, mostly because he's a bit of a bully and tries to confine them to the back stall. We'll try to get some better pictures of those girls soon.

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