Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012


We are thrilled to announce that the newest little one is a girl.  Not that there's anything wrong with boys, but in the world of farming girls are a bit more important, especially when trying to build up a herd.  So two girls in one year has made us incredibly happy and very lucky.
We've named her Nagu, which means black.  In yak coloring, Nagu is an Imperial, which means she's black with a black nose.  I think she's taking her Imperial-ness a bit too seriously.  She's already a bit of a spitfire, trying to lead the sheep flock and attempting to push over half-sister Dawa.  Luckily for her, Dawa has been anxious for a playmate and is pretty tolerant of her antics. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

It's hard to believe that summer is over, and up here the landscape is already changing from green to gold.  It seems like the last few months sort of blew by, and I've been scolded lately for not updating.  And rightfully so, because I thought "Didn't I just do that?" and then looked at the blog and in the last post Dawa was just a baby and now she's three months old.  Yikes.

Dawa spent the summer frolicking, tormenting Adam by escaping the fence (we found her in the driveway once, playing head-butting games with the very confused chickens) and growing, growing, growing.  She's very proud of her teeny tiny horns coming in and loves to try them out on anyone and anything.  She's definitely a pip.
But she's no longer the smallest yak in our herd.

Two days ago Niobe, who we spent the summer despairing would never give birth, finally had her calf.  Seriously, we were starting to think that maybe she had just *ahem* put on some weight.  (A LOT of weight).   But she was really and truly pregnant and just took her sweet time about it.
The new calf is solid black and beautiful and everybody is healthy and doing well.  Adam hasn't been able to get close enough to find out whether it's a boy or girl, but we're hoping in the next day or so.
The rest of the herd is doing really well and enjoying the cooler weather starting to come through.
We also acquired a new rooster this summer.  A rebellous spirit found himself in trouble with the Powers That Be at the farm Adam works at, and was headed for some severe punishment for his crimes.  A bit of a rebellous spirit himself, Adam took pity on the little rooster who bucked authority and gave him a stay of execution.  He moved to our farm, where he's settled nicely into our flock.  Meet Codburn. 

In mill related news, the last update from Belfast has the machines scheduled to be delivered late November/ early December.  We've been busy cleaning out the garage and making some necessary repairs.  After moving everything out of the front room, we discovered that the floor by the window was a little "mushy."  The ancient linoleum was ripped up and we discovered that not only was the plywood rotted, but the support beams were as well.  So now we have a big hole awaiting new supports and flooring.

The water tank is in, and the back room is being prepared for the washing system and picker.

It looks really rough right now, but it's still miles better than it was when we started.  A lot of work will be done in the next few weeks to get us ready for the machines to arrive.  We can't wait to see it all come together, and I promise to be a lot better about posting the updates as the changes happen.