Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For the past few weeks, Adam has been trying to create a plan to get all the boys in one corral and all the girls in another.  We want to do this for a few reasons: to work with the girls without interference from the bulls and to prevent breeding too early.  Granted, the girls can usually start breeding at 18 months, so we have a little time, but it's better to separate early than risk accidents.  We feel like they are really not familiar enough with us yet to risk having to handle a skiddish and pregnant animal. 
So the layout of how to get all the girls on the left and the boys on the right has created a process that makes preparing for a middle eastern peace treaty conference look like planning a child's birthday party.  Bulls have to first be segregated inside the barn.  More fence panels must be purchased.  Gates must be opened at specific times in a certain sequence.  The girls have to be herded to one side, then gates must be shut.  Inside the barn, Vorenus has to be let out and then Pullo has to be moved to the other barn section. Then the boys have to be socialized with each other for a few weeks before Pullo can be allowed to the outside again.

And there was the glitch.  How on earth were two bulls going to react when put in the same corral together?

Well, yesterday we found out.  The inside door between Vorenus's pen and the open area that is partially roped off for Pullo mysteriously opened yesterday.  I think we need to start searching Vorenus for lock picks, seriously.  When Adam went to the farm to check, he opened the door to see yak head sized holes in the previously uneaten bales of hale.  And poop on the floor where there should be none.  And an open door.  And a once rebellious and full of himself Pullo cowering in the corner. 

So the yaks are again separated, doors are TIED shut, and we're a little less nervous about playing musical corrals in the future. 

In the meantime, Pullo has been on his best behavior. 

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