Friday, August 9, 2013


So the farm is still standing.  Really.  I promise.  Come out and see us even, we'll prove it.

But here's what happened.  The mill took off.  A lot.  We had some really great tours come through and clean us out a bit.  We got an article in the local newspaper and the local farmers took notice.  And between trying to process orders and keep things on the shelves and keep the sheep from escaping their fences and keep the garden alive and the animals fed and us fed and the lawn mowed and the house from collapsing into madness and dust bunnies and unwashed socks... we sort of lost track of the last three or four months.  Has anyone seen June?  I'm sure it was here just a minute ago.

However, the one thing that the last few months really showed us is that Adam needed to be home.  A successful mini mill can be run with two people.  However, it helps if those two people are both able-bodied and, you know, actually in the mill at the same time. For the last few months it's pretty much been me, by myself, during the day.  And then Adam would get home from his full time job after a 45 minute commute, take care of the animals, shovel some food into himself and head out to the mill to try to get some more work done.  We sort of nodded at each other in passing.  Which is not a great way to live and not a great way to have a farm.  Clearly, we needed to make a change.

This week Adam quit his full time job to be home.  He actually picked up something local part time in the mornings, but as he's home by 10:30, it really feels like he's home all day.  We're so excited about being able to be together more, and especially about the fact that the mill is busy enough to need him to be home more. So thank you to everyone who helped us make that happen!

But I know that what you're really here for is cute pictures of fluffy animals.  And maybe some fluffy fiber? Let's get to the good stuff!

Our yak munchkins aren't so little anymore!  Some of the girls are getting as big as their moms.  And see that white and black puffball in the back?

That would be Loony.  At the end of May, I was on my way out to the mill and noticed a little white lump in the field next to Gaia.  (In other news, Adam has said that I am no longer allowed to call his cell phone and scream "Oh my god" in his ear as soon as he answers.  Even if it is because of a royal yak baby.)  Adam actually gave her a very long and beautiful Mongolian name, but it ends in -lune so I just call her Loony.  


Nimbus and Nova


Shop shelves

Cormo and Tussah Silk Yarn

Sparkle Batts!  These were a riot to make.  By the way, the one on the right is self striping!

After three years of waiting, our peach trees finally have fruit!  Adam does a happy dance whenever he passes them.  We can't wait to make pie!

So that was our quick catch up.  Hopefully with Adam home we'll actually have a bit more free time and it won't be months and months between postings.  And we're getting ready for a lot of exciting things- we're going to be putting in our applications for the fiber festivals for next year, so keep your fingers crossed that we get accepted.  We're also planning a Christmas open house and new sock yarns and pearlized knitting needles...

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  1. I'm so happy that things have taken off and are going well! If you go to Rhinebeck... I'll see you there and buy some yarn!