Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Naming

So we finally settled on names for sheep.  This took a shamefully long time.  Really, I think it's a sign that Adam and I probably shouldn't have children, as they would be halfway through grade school before we could agree on what to call them. 
But anway. 

This is Dutchess, who is the biggest CVM we have.  She's also In Charge of the flock.

Contessa.  We love the half moon on her nose. 

Princess, the sweetest girl.

Milady, our quietest girl.  She's the most shy of the bunch.


  1. Mindy is such an adorable name! And in the photo of dutchess, she kind of looks like a dutchess :)

  2. She does like a bit like she's waiting for someone to finish polishing her tiara, doesn't she?