Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plucking Bunnies

When I started researching angora rabbits, I found that one of the questions that comes up the most amongst newbie bun owners is: How do I know when it's time to pluck them?
See some angora rabbits have to be shorn like sheep.  For those of us who shudder at the thought of trying to wrangle a squirmy bunny and a sharp pair of scissors, there are the buns that need to be plucked.  Essentially, the bunnies shed their hair and you pull it out.  As weird as that sounds, it doesn't hurt the rabbit and it has to be done to prevent mats. 
But when you first get your rabbit, all you can think of is "should I be plucking now?  How about now?  Is this blowing coat or just normal shedding?"  And the response from the pros is always, when they're ready, you'll know. 
I never believed this.  I'm always paranoid I won't know and then I'll come out some morning and the buns will have somehow overnight transformed into giant mats with ears.
However, I went out to the hutch this week and knew. There was shed hair everywhere. It was clearly time for the outer coat to go.  So yes, you really do know.

Storm was the first girl to be plucked and she was a trooper for the process.
Storm with her new short 'do. 

We got just under 2 ounces of beautiful angora fluff off of her, which I can't wait to spin.

And of course, one much cooler bunny. 

Next up is Nimbus.

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