Monday, June 28, 2010

Smart Chick

This is our favorite chicken.

I realize that we have a lot of very cuddly animals on the farm and that chickens are not really...cuddly, so it's hard to become attached to a chicken.  I also realize that there is a certain danger in becoming emotionally attached to a potential food source.  However, this chicken is really the best one. 

Chickens learn by imitating other chickens.  But when you buy baby chicks, they have no one smarter than themselves to imitate.  The result of that is, if you have one semi-retarded chick picking at a 2X4 hoping it will magically become food, then you get sixteen others doing the same thing. 

This chicken, however, figured out the whole scratching the ground for food bit rather quickly, and then scurried off so no one could copy her and eat all the food.  She has also been patrolling the fenceline religiously.  Whether it's for the spiders that crawl up the fence or she's just looking for a way to breach the perimeter, we don't know. 
The problem is that we have no idea whether it's a he or a she.  So we don't know what to name her/him/it.  Adam has assumed girl and started calling her HennyPenny.  But we're open to naming suggestions.

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